Saturday, May 9, 2009

Butcher Family Happenings

Hello, and welcome to our Blog spot! Living so far away from all of our family we have decided to start a blog. So now all of our family and friends from far and near can stay updated on all the Butcher Family happenings!

Updates on the Fam.... I stay busy staying home and taking care of the kids, I am also watching My cousin Karen's little boy (Thatcher) for her Tuesday through Friday while she is at work. We have all enjoy having a little baby around and Sophie has taken on role of little mommy to him.

Brett stays very busy with work for Division IV and as of November of 2008 he started his own business with his brother. It is a belting and industrial sales company called Southwest Belting and Industrial Supply or SWB for short. He has been working very hard at marketing and getting establish in the industry. As for sports, he will always be involved with that. He just got done playing indoor flag football (with a bunch of old guys) and starts baseball with his first game this next Wednesday.

Jaden is finishing up 2nd grade and looking forward to spending his summer break in Arizona with aunt Jenny! He is currently taking swimming lessons and will start golf next month. His 8th Birthday is coming up very quickly on June 9th. I am still in denial that my baby will be 8..OMG!

Sophie is a busy body and dose not stop talking from the time she wakes up until the time she goes to sleep. She loves to play mommy to Thatcher and all her baby dolls and loves to dress up in all her puffy and girly dress clothes. Grammy came out for Easter and thankfully got her on the right path to potty training and I am happy to say she has been accident free for over 3 weeks..yaay! She will also have her 3rd Birthday this summer on August 18th. We have been waiting for her to turn three for the past two years so we can get her into dance class.

Well that is all I have for now, but will update you all very soon on the Butcher Family Happenings! Thanks for visiting and please come back very soon!